Upcoming Events!

Fall Mushroom Hike with Coast Range Forest Watch
WHEN: 11am - 3pm on November 8
WHERE: The Elliott State Forest, near Reedsport!

Gather gourmet mushrooms (we hear there are chanterelles all over the place out there!), practice identifying Coast Range fungi, and see why everyone is so excited about protecting the beautiful and ancient Elliott State Forest. Hosted by Coast Range Forest Watch, a Coos Bay-based citizen science group. For information about rideshares from Eugene, email us at forestdefensenow@gmail.com

The Future of the Elliott State Forest: Town Hall 
WHEN: 7pm on November 17
WHERE: Cozmic (199 West 8th Ave)

The Elliott has been in the news a lot lately. We have about a million questions about it, and we're sure you do too. Learn more about the proposed management alternatives for the 91,000 acre forest and hear insights from a  panel featuring perspectives from scientists, Coos County landowners, lawyers, and hunters. The conversation will be moderated by Camilla Mortensen of the Eugene Weekly.

Let Your Voice Be Heard About the Elliott State Forest!

A Guide to Public Comments:

Action Alert!
Send public comment by October 10th to the Department of State Lands to oppose the privatization of the Elliott State Forest.

Sending public comment is easy, quick and one of the most effective things you could do right now to effect the decision of the State Land Board. You simply send your opinion via email to elliottproject@state.or.us to be considered.

The State Land Board is preparing to make a decision on December 9th on the future of the Elliott State Forest. Among six options, complete privatization is on the table, as well as a state buy-out option that could return the forest into the hands of the community.  The most critical thing that any Oregonian can do to effect this decision is to make a public comment. 

Tell the State Land Board that you oppose the privatization of the Elliott, that public land is valuable to you and you don't want it to be sold.  Tell them you support the Public Agency Transfer, which would turn the Elliott into a Forest Reserve.

Here are some arguments you could make in your comments:

- The Elliott is home to the federally listed Marbled Murrelet, Northern Spotted Owl and Coastal Coho Salmon. Selling the forest to a timber company will turn it into a tree farm and will critically endanger the habitat of these species between 1997 and 2012 22% of Coho Salmon returning to the region were linked to the Elliott; every year, more than 40,000 Coho can be attributed to the Elliott's rivers and streams. 

- Public land is important for hunting, fishing, recreation, carbon sequestration and the conservation of biodiversity in coastal rainforests.

- Many of the proposed alternatives for Elliott management continue to fund education through logging. Is this a situation that you are interested in seeing persist? Tell the Land Board you would like to see state funding for schools decoupled from timber harvest.

- The argument for privatization only takes into account revenue made from cutting timber. Are there no other sources of funding for education? Does the Oregon economy run on timber? Is that the only future for Oregon's economy? 

- Is the only value of a forest in how much money it is worth?

Please write comments to the State Land Board and keep up with the news about this forest. We are at a critical point, where the next few months will set the course for the Elliott's fate for a long time to come. Help us protect this ecosystem.

Thank you


Greetings, all! We're looking forward to a Cascadian autumn -- and as always, we plan to welcome the rain with raucousness and a healthy dose of rebellion. We hope you'll join us!

On FRIDAY OCTOBER 3rd at 8PM, we are throwing our annual END OF SUMMER END OF CIVILIZATION festivus at 2nd & Garfield. There'll be wrestling, dancing, live music, libations, and guaranteed reckless fun. $8 - $10 suggested donations will be split between the Civil Liberties Defense Center and CFD's internal legal support fund. It's gonna be a good one. Be there or be real square.

On SUNDAY OCTOBER 5th at 7PM, our friends from Buffalo Field Campaign will share stories, videos and music inspired by Yellowstone bison. Learn more about this Native-led mission to save the last North American bison herds at COZMIC PIZZA (199 W 8th). $5 - $20 sliding scale; proceeds benefit the BFC.

On WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 8th, tell the State Land Board to keep the Elliott State Forest public at their meeting near Coos Bay! Stay tuned for info about rideshares from Portland, Eugene and Roseburg.

Seneca Jones Biomass Plant Protestors Sentenced


 Three Earth First! activists, arrested in July for locking down at the Seneca Jones biomass power plant, went to court today. Thanks to Lauren Regan and the Civil Liberties Defense Center, their initial charges -- which included a felony -- were reduced to a single misdemeanor.

 "We did this to let the timber industry know that they can't get away with being a bad neighbor," said protestor Richard Hayley. "This plant pollutes our air every day, and because of Seneca Jones ancient forest on public land may be destroyed forever." The activists shut down the biomass cogeneration plant in protest of Seneca Jones' recent purchase of the East Hakki timber sale, a parcel of Marbled Murrelet habitat in the Elliott State Forest.

 Activists now face restitution payments and hundreds of dollars in court fees. To support them, please donate to the Civil Liberties Defense Center.